Our mission is simple, complete satisfaction.

In today’s economy, trying to find reliable transport services at a fair price just seems too good to be true. That is why every day we work tirelessly at perfecting our network and connecting both drivers and customers efficiently. Knowing exactly what the customer needs is our top priority. Once this is established, our next step is pushing the demand in your favor to get the most competitive pricing. Our goal is to bring change to the industry and make a once “out of the question” option, turn into a “reasonable” choice. Complete Auto Transport promises- “We don’t just compete, we complete.”



Welcome to Complete Auto Transport. Hi, I am Founder/CEO David Houstoun. Over the years, I seem to have built a reputation and name in the car hauling industry long before Complete Auto Transport was even an idea. Through trial and error, like many entrepreneurs, my journey began at the bottom and worked its way up to the top. In the beginning, starting as a broker at another firm and never having had any experience in logistics, I grew a hunger for industry knowledge. Noticing there were many companies and competitors, it became obvious that those coincidentally had the least “industry knowledge.” Come to find out, honesty was not considered the best policy. Determined, I went against the grain, and perfected my craft while keeping an honest approach and remarkable follow through. My dream was to eventually open a company and apply my values as policy. Well, that dream has come true.

At Complete Auto Transport, we believe there is an easier way of providing quality transport services. We devised a more valuable way to truly earn our customers, rather than buying them. Transparency is key. Our focus is to build strong relationships between customers and carriers. With over 10 years of experience, our team of seasoned veterans in the industry offer the most reliable customer service backed by the best carrier network in the Nation. We have grown to serve all 48 states door to door, and even ship to Hawaii & Alaska, offering an all-inclusive rate at no upfront cost. You never have to worry about losing a deposit. Give us the opportunity to earn your business and fill out a free quote form today, or give us a call.



  • Licensed & Bonded
  • Pay Nothing Upfront
  • Fully Insured Carriers
  • Door to Door Service
  • Hands Free Shipping
  • Price Protection